Www.Passged.com will steal your money

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The picture is me, telling passged.com what I have to say to them, even if they do end up giving me all my money back, which I don\'t think will happen, companys like this if they all just exploded and everyone in there company died and burnt to death, it would be a blessing to this world to not have scumbags like them on this earth. Stealing there customers money. It\'s not fair and they know it\'s not fair, but they will talk to you like it is far. Some days such as this one I wish I was a terrorist so I could just drop a bomb on the person or company that *** me off. After a level of anger happends you would rather see the person die or company die then have your money back, it would be nice if someone did drop a huge bomb on there company. Hey there address is GED Academy

895 NW Grant Ave.

Corvallis, OR 97330

If anybody wants to. If I don\'t get lucky enough to watch them burn to *** maybe I will be lucky enough to put there scamming *** out of business.

Original review posted by user Nov 15, 2011

passged.com will steal your money, they are not a good company, they act all nice on the phone yes like they are on your side and trying to help you. Liers, I hope they go out of business, but if they keep getting customers I'm sure they will try to find a way to steal your money and not go out of business. I hate companys like this who scam there customers, they make up excuses to find a way to take your money. What happend with me was, I ordered the classes to pass GED online, I did not like the classes, I called them left a voice message and e-mails in the voice mail and e-mails I said, I want a refund gave them my full name so they would give me my refund. So I missed them calling me back on the 5th day of my serves, I don't know why they called me back anyway, they all ready knew I wanted a refund. So I called them back 4 days after I left the voice mail and sent the e-mails saying I want a refund, the lady I spoke to said she can only give me 80% back since it is past 7 days since I ordered. Except that the companys knew I wanted I refund on the 5th day of my order she said they needed to talk to me, well my messages where pretty *** clear, I spoke very clear english saying I WANT A REFUND, but obviously they are playing like they are *** so they could take 20% of my money even though if you order something from another company and you send them a e-mail saying you want a refund they will give it back to you if with just a e-mail note saying you want a refund if it's not past the refund amount of time. I asked to talk to a manager or owner she said she was the only one there. I hate companys like this who make excuses to steal your money, and try to mix the words together to make it sound like they could be right when you know for a fact they are WRONG! I can't wait until the day I die so I never have to deal w. *** artiest, and scammers robbers who steal there customers money cause it's just stressful and another pieces of bull *** this life has to offer you, that when you die you won't have to deal w. anymore. Please put this company out of business, cause they don't deserve anyones business.


Review about: Customer Service.



Thought-provoking suggestions ! I loved the details - Does someone know where my business would be able to get a template a form form to fill in ?

Wilsonville, Oregon, United States #917008

You can check with Everest Institute-Tigard.They have a free www.gedacademy program online.

FREE, sign up and they pay for your GED, no strings attached. You can get your GED(thru PCC testing centers, and Everest pays for it) and you get too take it anywhere you want.Sign up happens every Wednesday afternoon.Just call the campus. Each GED test when you do sit for the exam is $47.00 which is covered by Everest.You have four subjects and 50 questions each for the new revised version of the GED.

You have to be 18.sometimes they can sign you up for the FREE GED program over the phone.

Sorry you had such a bad experience trying to improve your life.GED prep shouldn't be that hard.

Please don't give up!!!

Everest Tigard

9600 SW Oak Street, 4th Floor

Tigard, OR 97223 Phone: (503) 892-8100 (Ask for Sally or Robert Yates) Fax: (503) 892-8871 (I used to tutor the program thats how I know about it) Tell them Mrs K-B sent you:)


If you can not even write a complaint like a decent person then your complaint is nothing more than an ignorant rant.You want to watch people die over $189?

What the actual *** is wrong with you.

I hope that someone somewhere can help you get your GED so that other people in this World don't have to be subject to your ignorance and pathetic use of the English language.:x

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #595555

is it me or is the girl behind the girl sticking up her finger is in her bra and panties

to wtf Palmerton, Pennsylvania, United States #639745

looks like it's a mirror behind her- meaning it's her... hahaha


You're right Michelle, "You tried canceling it after 7 days no one is that smart." But GED Academy asserts that you can obtain your GED credential fast!And that is false and misleading advertising.

No one can determine how fast or slow another person can prepare to pass the GED tests.

Everyone learns differently and will start with a totally different academic background and experience level.Although this young lady does not have the communication skills to properly express her frustration or complaint with the GED Academy program, she does have a legitimate complaint!


Your pretty face is degraded by your hand gesture.


" I did not like the classes" this does not prove their product is not good, and obviously renders your rant invalid.

You can have the same hate for McDonald's hamburgers, does that mean the product is worthless? Obviously the masses will keep feeding on those greasy pieces of ***!mi hate hamburgers, but ppl love them!

You need to relax and stop hating so much!


It sounds to me like you should look in to some anger management classes and put your GED on hold...Bombing people because you didn't like something?


I saw this review a while ago but wanted to finish my GED before commenting.

I passed my GED after studying with GED Academy/passged.com way faster than my friends who went to classes.You can study from home-can't beat that!


I found the online Unlimited GED Practice Tests to help me pass the GED exams the first time.


My dear Merry...

You were frustrated with the company,the online experience, or the process? From you letter it was difficult to ascertain what you did not like about the program. As a GED tutor and test prep coach, I know that everyone learns differently, and online learning I s not for everyone. It sounds to e like you would benefit for attending the free GED classes offered at your local adult and community school district facilities. Getting your GED is only the first step ion the journey to a successful career and financial future. All jobs with potential require education beyond a GED or high school diploma.

You express yourself wellinyourletter,however,it's obvious that you need improvement in spelling,grammar,and syntax,which comes over a matter of time and lots of practice.

So think about what you want for yourself and your children. Go after that GED,but be aware that however you choose to study for the tests, your future will be filed with constantly upgrading your skills and that whether in an academic or workplace setting, you will encounter online learning and technology. Rather than trying to get your money back, be easier on yourself and set a schedule and goals to view and work the learning modules. A compromise would be to take classes and use the purchased GED Academy program as supplementary learning. You will move more quickly to your goal and thie bottom line....get what you...





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It sounds like you didn't like their classes.

Isn't that why you dropped out of school originally?


It sounds like you didn't give it a chance. You tried canceling it after 7 days no one is that smart.

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